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Kitesurfing in Biscarrosse

A favorite seaside resort for holidaymakers in the Landes, Biscarrosse is a friendly commune where you can discover the dolce vita of the Landes region. This resort area offers a wide variety of water-based activities. Among these, kitesurfing at Biscarrosse is particularly attractive.

Biscarrosse: a dream spot for kite surfing

Biscarrosse is ideally situated for water sports. A jewel on France’s Atlantic coast, the commune is immersed in an oceanic climate. Year-round sunshine and warm seas – a winning combination that’s sure to optimize your aquatic activities in the Landes.

For a kite surfing day in Biscarrosse, there are several beautiful stretches of water scattered around the town. As for the winds, they are steady. You’ll be able to glide freely over the water on your board and let your kite take you with the wind.

To complete your experience, enjoy the view from your board. The Biscarrosse coastline is a mix of dunes, lush forests and golden beaches.


The different kite surfing spots in Biscarrosse

For kitesurfing in Biscarrosse, you can choose between beaches and lakes.

If you opt for beaches, the best spots are the south and north beaches. The first is the meeting place for intermediate and expert surfers. The wind is predominantly southerly. Kitesurfing beginners can head for the Plage Nord, just a stone’s throw from the town center and connected to the famous Plage du Vivier.

If you prefer to slide on the Biscarrosse lakes, here are three interesting spots:

  • Lac de Navarosse: the lake is calm and shallow. The site is open from September 1 to May 31.
  • Lac de Biscarrosse Parentis: this spot is reserved for expert kitesurfers.
  • Lac de Cazaux et Sanguinet: the second largest lake in France. This spot is surrounded by greenery and is ideal for an introduction to kitesurfing in Biscarrosse.


Learn to kitesurf on vacation in Biscarrosse

To enhance your vacation in the Landes region, sign up for a kitesurfing course in Biscarrosse and try out new experiences. Your apprenticeship will take you to discover the Landes waves in a whole new way. What’s more, kitesurfing has become a trendy water sport.

H2Okite is the most reputable kitesurfing school in Biscarrosse. You’ll be accompanied by certified instructors and benefit from comprehensive pedagogical advice. Your introductory course will take place on Lac de Biscarrosse, where conditions are ideal for novices.


How to kitesurf on vacation in the Landes?

To kitesurf in Biscarrosse during your vacation in the Landes, don’t forget to bring your own equipment: board, kite, harness, etc. If you’ve decided to travel light, or if you don’t have your own equipment, note that you can rent equipment from the various establishments near the lakes or beaches of Biscarrosse.

To make the most of your experience, don’t forget to ask about the weather during your session. Choose a sunny day to enjoy the warm sea. Check the tides too, because when they rise, kitesurfing can become dangerous due to shore breaks.

Biscarrosse is an ideal destination for those wishing to discover or rediscover kitesurfing. As part of your vacation in the Landes region, spend your stay at Biscarrosse L’Arbre d’Or campsite, close to the kitesurfing spots on the shores of Lake Biscarrosse.

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