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Parasailing in Biscarrosse

If you’d like to take to the skies, defy weightlessness and admire sumptuous landscapes from the air, head for Biscarrosse in the heart of the Landes region. The program includes parasailing, the only leisure sport that can make such an impact, and an enchanted interlude not to be missed!

Parasailing: a popular thrill-seeking sport

If you haven’t yet discovered parasailing, which is becoming increasingly popular, put it on your to-do list – you won’t regret it! The discipline consists of soaring dozens of meters into the air, attached to a paraglider or parachute-type canopy and held in place by a special cable. Take-off is from the ground or the water surface, using a towing vehicle (car, boat, etc.) or a winch with reel. Whether on land or in the water, you gradually gain height, carried by the speed of the shooting machine and the wind.

The aquatic version is one of the most fashionable activities in resorts around the world. Ideal take-off conditions are a light headwind, and flight height depends on the length of the cable holding you in place. With a 200-meter cable, you’ll soar some 100 meters into the air… Icarus’ dream finally comes true, and all you have to do is enjoy the show. The descent is smooth from the end of the pull.

This accessible aerial activity (no training, low budget…) promises thrills from the age of 12 upwards, depending on the structures and equipment available. Some leisure centers accept: children aged 5-6 and over with parental permission, people weighing up to 180 kg, and some offer flights accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Take to the skies alone or with friends (2 or 3) and share unique moments with all generations. An unforgettable experience and a must-do activity if you’re on vacation with family or friends. Better still, did you know that parasailing is a wonderful springboard to paragliding and sport parachuting until you turn 15?


Parasailing in Aquitaine: happiness between sky and sea

In the Landes region, the variety of landscapes is simply sublime for parasailing, and the aquatic discipline is king. Arcachon, Mimizan… there are plenty of starting spots on the Atlantic coast, but Biscarrosse is the most popular.

In the Aquitaine region, you can take off from a boat on the ocean, but also from its most beautiful stretches of water, such as the Lac de Biscarrosse or the Bassin d’Arcachon. Extraordinary opportunities to discover the oyster beds of the Côte d’Argent in a different way, and to get close to the summit of the famous Dune du Pilat. It’s also a great opportunity to overlook the Landes de Gascogne forest, the Basque Country and the Pyrénées-Atlantiques.

To see life differently and enjoy this fun activity in complete safety, it’s best to call in the professionals. Direction Biscarrosse, or more precisely Port Maguide, a charming little marina on the western shore of Lac de Cazaux-Sanguinet. The O vol, Maguide Ski Nautic, Wake & Ski, Bisca Skinautic school promises relaxation, pleasure and sensations from sunrise to sunset since 2010! From May to September, our state-certified instructors provide breathtaking flights with passion. Of course, you’ll be equipped with a lifejacket, connected to the parachute by a harness and to the pulling boat by a special cable.

To discover the discipline and make rapid progress, why not set up shop nearby? For a weekend or longer stay, choose L’Arbre d’Or, this campsite on the shores of Lake Biscarrosse (Parentis-en-Born), less than 10 km south-east of Biscarrosse. The 4-star campsite is ideally located on the shores of Lake Biscarrosse and Parentis, one of the great lakes of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine coastline. This comfortable space, close to the region’s most beautiful beaches, will enable you to extend your vacation and discover other local wonders.

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