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Surf schools in Biscarrosse

In the Landes region of France, Biscarrosse has long been a paradise for surfers. Vacations at the Biscarrosse campsite are the ideal time to learn to ride the waves of the Atlantic Ocean accompanied by excellent, qualified instructors. So here are our top 5 best surf schools in Biscarrosse.

Kiwi Surf

Kiwi Surf is a surf and swimming school offering courses and workshops for adults and children aged 4 and over. The school manager is a three-time tandem surfing world champion!
Prices are €30 for a 1h30 class, €135 for a 5-class package and €250 for a 10-class package. For children, a one-hour lesson costs €20, 5 lessons €95 and 10 lessons €180.
Kiwi Surf also offers board rental, swimming and paddle lessons and a beach club service for children. You’ll find Kiwi Surf at Biscarrosse’s northern traffic circle, opposite the beach.



A new eco-responsible surf school founded by two locals in 2016, Biscaradise offers a variety of surf lessons for beginners and advanced surfers while raising students’ awareness of environmental protection.
A 1h30 lesson costs €28, a 5-lesson package €130 and a 10-lesson package €240. For children aged 6 to 9, a one-hour lesson costs €19, 5 lessons €90 and 10 lessons €170.
Biscaradise also offers private lessons, advanced courses and multi-activity holidays. The surf school is located at 7 rue des Arbouses in front of Biscarrosse’s central beach.


La Vigie

The oldest surf school in Biscarrosse, La Vigie supports beginners as well as more experienced surfers wishing to perfect their skills.
A course of 5 lessons of 1h30 costs 120€, a 10-lesson card costs 300€ and one lesson costs 30€. A weekend package of 2 classes costs 56€. For children aged 6 to 11, a course of 5 one-hour lessons costs €100.
Located at 788 boulevard des sables, La Vigie is also a surf store and art gallery.


Gang Surf

Gang Surf is a surf school in Biscarrosse that puts the emphasis on conviviality and the pleasure of learning.
A 1h30 lesson (from age 9) costs €30, 5 lessons €135 and 10 lessons €250. A weekend package is available at €56 for two lessons or €110 for 4 lessons. Children aged 5 to 8 can take one-hour lessons for €20, with packs of 5 lessons for €95 and 10 lessons for €180.
Gang Surf also offers private lessons and paddle courses. You’ll find two Gang Surf structures in Biscarrosse, one on the Gabriel d’Annunzio avenue traffic circle north of Biscarrosse, the other on the Vivier beach.


Point Break

Point Break offers a variety of courses and workshops whatever your age or level.
A 1h30 initiation is available at €30 for beginners. Then the 2 lesson pack costs €56, 5 lessons €135 and 10 lessons €250. For children aged 6 to 8, an hour’s lesson costs €20 and a 5-lesson pack costs €95.
Point Break also offers private lessons, video coaching and paddle courses. The school is located south of Biscarrosse’s central beach, 66 place de l’Océan.

Once you’ve learned to surf in Biscarrosse, head for the Biscarrosse surf spots: le Vivier, le Trencat, on the north beach or the south beach, and enjoy!

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