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Discover the Landes forest

<p>The <strong>Landes forest</strong> is the largest artificial forest in Europe, covering almost a million hectares.<br /> It lends a singular appeal to the landscape, and is particularly appreciated for its peacefulness.<br /> It is also ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking.<br /> Walks through this emblematic forest of the South-West are a great opportunity for families or groups of friends to share good times and admire the maritime pines dominating the horizon, casting captivating silhouettes against the sky.</p>
Histoire Foret Des Landes
<h2>History of the Landes forest</h2>

Who planted the Landes forest?

Biscarrosse Plage

A quiet, unspoilt natural area

The Landes forest, which stretches along the Atlantic Ocean, is mainly made up of maritime pines. But other species such as oak can also be found in the nature park.
The forest reveals different landscapes through the seasons: ponds, peat bogs, hillsides, pine trees…
It is also referred to by different names, such as “forêt usagère” and “forêt domaniale”.
User forests are those where local people can harvest timber, hunt, fish and graze. This part of the forest was given to their distant ancestors in the 13th century by Prince Edward of Wales.
The Office National des Forêts manages the national forest (or production forest). This part of the Landes massif is used to produce wood for the paper industry and sawmills.

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<h2>Les Landes: Europe’s largest forest</h2>
<h2>A walk in the Landes forest at Biscarrosse</h2>
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