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The cabanes tchanquées on Ile aux Oiseaux

<p>The Bassin d’Arcachon is full of secret spots. But if there’s one thing that’s no longer an open secret, it’s the <strong>cabanes tchanquées</strong>!<br /> These have become a must-see tourist site, less than an hour from the <a href="https://www.arbre-dor.com/en/4-gironde-campsite/">campsite near Gironde</a>, for visitors to the Gironde, and more particularly to Bird Island.</p>
Cabanes Tchanquees
<h2>What are cabanes tchanquées?</h2>

Île aux Oiseaux’s first tree house

Biscarrosse Plage
Quand Comment Visiter Cabanes Tchanquees
<h2>When and how to visit the cabanes tchanquées on the Bay of Arcachon?</h2>