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Devenez Proprietaire Mobil Home Biscarrosse
<h2>Become the owner of a mobile home in Biscarrosse</h2>

Mobile homes for sale near Biscarrosse Lac

Would you like to buy a mobile home in Biscarrosse? On the shores of Lake Biscarrosse, just a few kilometers from Biscarrosse Plage, you can realize your dream of owning a mobile home in the Landes.

Second-hand and located on their own pitches, the price of our mobile homes includes the plot. The annual rent for a standard pitch is €3,390, including tourist tax, with 400 kwh of electricity and 15 cubic meters of water.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like further information or to visit the campsite’s accommodation with a view to purchasing a mobile home. There are currently no more mobile homes available for sale, to be found soon on this page.

Our mobile homes are also available for rent.

Mobil Home Irm Riviera
<h2>Mobile home IRM Riviera Residential 2009 (SOLD)</h2>

Mobil home IRM Super Mercure 2009 (SOLD)

Biscarrosse Plage
Must-sees in Biscarrosse
<h2>Mobil home IRM Rubis 2009 (SOLD)</h2>
<h2>Mobile home IRM Galaxy 2008 (SOLD)</h2>
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