1037 Route du lac – 40160 Parentis-en-Born – Biscarrosse
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Tourism in the Landes

Visiter Les Landes
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Discover the Landes coast

Biscarrosse Plage
Campagne Des Landes
<h2>What to do in the Landes countryside</h2>

Discover the pearls of the Landes

Les Activites Familiale De Biscarrosse

Gastronomy in the Landes

This region will also reveal all the secrets of its gastronomy:
foie gras, confit, oysters, pastis landais…
If you’re a gourmet, Landes gastronomy is sure to satisfy your discerning palate! From duck breast to white asparagus, from Landes duck to Adour salmon, the region’s restaurants include the best local specialties on their menus.

<h2>The must-see Landes resorts during your stay</h2>
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Landes seaside resorts