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Fishing in Biscarrosse

On vacation in Biscarrosse in the Landes region, between the ocean and stretches of freshwater, fishing is an essential tourist activity. Discover the different areas where you can go fishing in Biscarrosse, just a stone’s throw from your L’Arbre d’Or campsite.

The Great Lakes, ideal fishing grounds

The Lacde Parentis et Biscarrosse covers 3,600 hectares. Whether you’re an experienced angler or not, you’ll find plenty of fish here, from carnivores such as pike-perch and pike-perch, to fish from the Cyprinidae family, which includes carp, bream and roach.

Lac de Cazaux et de Sanguinet, also known as “Etang de Sanguinet”, is linked to Lac de Parentis and Lac de Biscarrosse by a canal where you can also fish. 5,600 hectares of water flow through the heart of the Landes forest. You’re sure to find a quiet spot on the Grand Lac to indulge in your favorite pastime.


How to fish?

You’ll find all the gear you need in marine equipment and accessory stores, fishing boutiques and boat rental outlets. You can also book a boat with them for a trip on the water.

In terms of technique, there are many ways to fish. Live fishing, static fishing (also known as “jigging”), itinerant fishing with bait or lure, trolling (leaving a line in the water as you move), fly fishing… And if you’re a beginner, there are specialized schools in Biscarrosse where you can learn to fish.


Surfcasting fishing

The Great Lakes aren’t the only places to go fishing in Biscarrosse: the ocean is also teeming with marine creatures! Visit Biscarrosse Plage, where fishing is open from May to December. Surfcasting is also available. This technique, using long canes, consists in stabilizing them vertically on a base with the wire taut. Then stroll along the water’s edge as the tide moves. All you have to do is wait for a sea bass or bream to take the bait!

You’re free to go surfcasting, as long as you don’t eat your catch. Take advantage of high tide to fish, but be careful, as the ocean can surprise you with its swells. Go out accompanied, and stay in areas reserved for fishing so as not to disturb swimmers and water sports enthusiasts.


Fishing in Biscarrosse: know the regulations

To fish, you need a fishing permit, except for surfcasting.

There are three ways to acquire a fishing licence:

Tourist Office information offices in Biscarrosse and Parentis ;
The fishing tackle store in Sanguinet;
The Aampa40 website (Association agréée de pêche et de protection du milieu aquatique).

Looking for advice? Wondering what rules apply to fishing on the Great Lakes? For more information, contact Aapma40 or the Tourist Office. The team at our Biscarrosse campsite can give you all the information you need at reception.


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