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The Dax bullring: an emblematic monument to bullfighting culture

<p style="text-align: left" align="JUSTIFY"><span style="color: #000000">Built in 1913, the <strong>Dax arenas</strong> host the biggest bullfighting festivals in the Landes department every year. With a capacity of 8,000 places, they</span> <span style="color: #000000">are among the 7 first-class arenas in France in which more than 15 shows a year take place, including at least 10 bullfights. </span><span style="color: #000000">Focus on everything you need to know about one of France’s most emblematic monuments.</span></p>
Arenes Dax Taurins
<h2 align="JUSTIFY"><span style="color: #000000">Bullfighting events in the Dax bullring</span></h2>

Other cultural and tourist activities in the Dax bullring

Biscarrosse Plage
Arenes Dax Soiree
<h2 align="JUSTIFY"><span style="color: #000000">Renovation and enhancement projects for the Dax bullring</span></h2>