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What to do when it rains in Biscarrosse?

Biscarrosse, located in the Landes département of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, is renowned for its magnificent beaches and outdoor activities. However, even in the sunniest destinations, rain can sometimes make an appearance. Fortunately, the city also offers a host of interesting rainy-weather activities, ensuring fun and discovery even under the clouds. L’Arbre d’Or, a campsite in the Landes, reveals what to do when it rains in Biscarrosse. From cultural visits to leisure activities, you’ll never be bored even when the weather’s not cooperating!

What to do in Biscarrosse when it rains

What to do when it rains in Biscarrosse ? Forget the beach or swimming in a lake, you need to find indoor activities that will keep you warm without getting bored! In this Landes town, you’ll find a wide range of cultural and educational activities that will appeal to adults and children alike!

Hydraviation Museum

Biscarrosse is well known for its maritime aviation history. The Musée de l’Hydraviation offers a fascinating immersion into this world, with exhibitions on the history of seaplanes and aircraft to see. Admission to the Musée de l’Hydraviation is free for children under the age of six, and a reduced price is available for other children, teenagers and young adults (6 – 18). The perfect way to organize a family day out in the Landes at a low price!

Museum of Traditions

The Musée de l’Hydraviation is a must-see when it rains in Biscarrosse, but the Musée des Traditions is no exception! While it offers boat tours, perfect for summer, you can visit its museum, created in 1988, at any time of year. You’ll discover furniture, tools, objects and a variety of period documents that will take you back in time on a trip to the Landes.

Library and toy library

These cultural spaces offer a variety of books and games, ideal for keeping children occupied in a fun and educational way when it’s raining in Biscarrosse. From picture books to children’s thrillers and fairy tales, there’s something for everyone!

Gastronomic experiences when it rains in Biscarrosse

When it rains in Biscarrosse, it’s the perfect opportunity to take your time. Take advantage of this rejuvenating day to treat yourself to an exceptional gastronomic experience in the Landes region. Whether you’re dining out, shopping for local produce or taking a cooking class, there’s something for everyone!

Tasting of local products

Take advantage of a rainy day to discover the local flavors of the Landes. Biscarrosse and the surrounding area offer plenty of opportunities to sample regional specialities, whether in restaurants, craft breweries or covered markets.

Cooking classes

You love to cook but never take the time to do it? And why not take part in a cooking class to learn how to prepare local Landes specialities? Some establishments in Biscarrosse offer cooking classes where you can discover how to concoct traditional local dishes.

Leisure activities to try when it rains in Biscarrosse

Are you still wondering what to do when it rains in Biscarrosse because you’ve already tried out all our previous ideas? What about a leisure or relaxing activity during your stay in the Landes?

  • Bowling and cinema: for an entertaining evening out, Biscarrosse offers bowling centers and a cinema, providing the perfect rainy-day escape.
  • Wellness centers and spas: for those looking to unwind, the city boasts several wellness centers and spas where you can enjoy a moment of relaxation.

Rain in Biscarrosse is no obstacle to enjoying your stay. With options ranging from cultural visits to leisure activities to gastronomic experiences, the city has plenty to offer, even under gray skies. And to round off your stay in the rain, our campsite has an indoor swimming pool so you can have fun even when the weather’s not so good!

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