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Biscarrosse when it rains

Biscarrosse is an easy town to fall in love with. It’s one of the must-see seaside destinations in the Landes region of southwest France.
It is particularly attractive for the beauty of its fine sandy beaches, and offers a wide range of activities for families and friends.
These include leisure activities to keep you and your children busy in bad weather, such as museum visits, boat trips, shopping and cinema.

Top 10 things to do when it rains in Biscarrosse

There are several must-see places to keep yourself or your children busy when it rains in Biscarrosse or the surrounding towns:

Musée du Lac in Sanguinet

Located in the heart of Sanguinet, the Musée du Lac de Cazaux is the fruit of forty years of archaeological research by the Centre de recherches et d’études scientifiques.
Designated a “Musée de France”, the facility houses several hundred objects giving an insight into the daily lives of early humans from the Neolithic to the present day.
This rich collection also provides information on the environment of these primitive communities, with particular emphasis on habitat and crafts, as well as agriculture, animal husbandry, metallurgy and navigation.

Hydraviation museum in Biscarrosse

Also a “Musée de France”, the Musée de l’Hydraviation is, as its name suggests, one of the best places to learn about the history of seaplanes.
The establishment is located on the mythical site of the former Latécoère base, and offers the chance to discover some of the legends that have marked the history of hydra-aviation, such as transatlantic flights to New York or Fort-de-France.

Museum of Traditions in Biscarrosse

The Museum of Traditions opened its doors in 1988. It owes most of its collection to donations – of furniture, tools, objects and various documents – made by families, mostly from Biscarross, but also from neighboring towns. The museum’s collection includes documents and models that provide a better understanding of the geographical evolution of this area (dunes, lakes, etc.).

The Marquèze Ecomuseum

Located in the commune of Sabres – around 50 km from Biscarrosse – and managed by the Landes de Gascogne Regional Nature Park, the Marquèze Ecomuseum has housed important tangible and intangible collections since it opened in 1970, giving an insight into the way of life of rural Grand’Landaise society.
These collections comprise tens of thousands of items, including tools, furniture, textiles and vehicles.
The ecomuseum’s permanent exhibition also gives visitors an insight into the history of regional development in the Landes de Gascogne, tracing the profound changes in the landscape and local society.
Visitors can also learn more about the region through a temporary exhibition, such as the one entitled “L’architecture de l’airial landais. Back to the origins”.

Forest seed

Graine de Forêt is a cultural center dedicated to the discovery of the Landes forest, in Garein. The facility includes a museographic space organized around six themes: the world’s forests, the forests of France and the forests of the Landes, silviculture and forestry trades, the processing of maritime pine, landscapes and ordinary and remarkable biodiversity.

Arcachon Aquarium Museum

Located on the Arcachon basin, the museum features several species of marine animals. There are also rooms devoted to oyster farming, archaeology and history.
The Oyster House
Also located on the Arcachon basin, on the edge of the ocean, the Maison de l’Huître retraces the history of marine mollusc cultivation through exhibits and objects.

Bordeaux and its museums

A stay in Biscarrosse is a great opportunity to explore the Gironde region, visiting must-see places like the Arcachon Basin or Bordeaux, with its museums and Cité du Vin.
Clothes, home decor, culinary specialities… You’ll find it all in the Landes, whether in Biscarrosse, Parentis or Sanguinet; but also in neighboring Gironde, notably Arcachon or Bordeaux.

Swimming pools and aquatic complexes

In both the Landes and Gironde regions, swimming pools and aquatic complexes provide residents and holidaymakers alike with precious moments of relaxation, sheltered from the elements. These include pools in Biscarrosse, Arcachon and Test-de-Buch, as well as the Spadium aquatic complex in Salles.

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